Adding product with multiple colors, size and price in WooCommerce

The idea here is that you have a product where you have one item (like a shirt) where the price changes based on some variable (like size – small, medium and large). You also have OTHER items (pants and paintings) that use the same sizes but the price variations are completely different in each case.

You first create an attribute that has a set of variations (“color” would contain red, green, blue and orange).

Then you associate that attribute set with your product, assigning specific cost (and other attributes) to each variation.

The key here is that the variations themselves (color, flavor, etc) do not intrinsically have an effect on price. That way you can use the same attribute set (size) in multiple products (pants, shirts, coffee mugs) without being “locked in” to a particular pricing structure OR without having to create the same attribute set multiple times.

Detailed Instructions

  1. In the “Products menu, click “Attributes”
  2. Create your new attribute. Make sure the type is “Select”, not “text”
  3. Click the “Add Attribute” button
  4. Click the “Configure Terms” button to the right of your new attribute
  5. Add your variations. They can be any word or phrase. Examples are sizes (8×10, 5×7, 5 foot, 6-inch, small, medium, size 17), flavors (chocolate, vanilla), brands (nike, adidas), colors (green, blue), or options (framed, matte finish).
  6. Create (or edit) your product
  7. Scroll down to the section named “Product type” and change it from “Simple Product” to “Variable product”
  8. Move down to the “Product Data” area
  9. Click on the Attributes tab
  10. Next to the “Add” button, select the attribute you want from the list.
  11. Make sure you check both of the checkboxes (“Visible on the product page” and “Used for variations”)
  12. Click the “Select All” button to select all the variations. If you don’t want some variations for a paritemticular , just “x” them out.
  13. Save the product (click “Publish” or “Update” back at the top of the page.
  14. Scroll back down to the “Product Data” and click on the Variations tab
  15. Click the “Add Variation” button
  16. Set the option (16×20 or whatever) from the drop down
  17. Set the price
  18. You can set the other items if you want, but it’s not required.
  19. Repeat this steps 10-13 for each of the variations you want to include as options
  20. Scroll back up to the top and click “Update”