1. What is EZ-Tables?

A Pricing table or a Features’ list can not be missing from your product and service introduction, although it’s always not easy to build a professional one.
EZ-Tables gives you a drag and drop interface for building pricing tables and Features’ list. It also renders those price tables and Features’ list using pure CSS3. They have a clean, minimal design – so they’ll fit into just about any design.

2. How to build your Pricing table or Features table?

  1.  Add a new Pricing/Features Table
  2. Building tables with Drag and Drop
  3. Paste the table shortcode to where you want to display the table
  4. Enjoy it.

3. Pricing Table Screenshots

Pricing Table Editor

Pricing Table Demo

4. Features Table(List) Screenshots

Features Table Editor

One Column Features Table Demo

Two Column Features Table Demo

Three Column Features Table Demo